Welcome to the Eureka Chapter

September Newsletter

The September, 2021 Eureka Chapter Newsletter is now available – read it here and download if you wish . . .

. . . check it out and learn about R. ‘Yummy Yak’, a new, compact rhododendron.

Upcoming Presentations

The next monthly meeting of the Eureka Chapter is Thursday, September 23 with a featured speaker, Martin Monthofer – Rhododendron Park, Bremen Germany. Martin will be speaking about Vireya rhododendrons.

The meeting will be via Zoom and can be accessed via this recurring Zoom connection (clickable link):

The Zoom meetings open at 6:30 to assure everyone is connected to the meeting before our speaker begins – and to socialize if we wish. Please join no later than 6:55 pm.

Vireya rhododendrons – left, Rhododendron rarilepidotum from Sumatra; Right, Rhododendron laetum from New Guinea (photos by Martin Monthofer).

Video Recordings of Past Presentations

Recordings (YouTube) of some of our presentations are available. Check them out:

Marc Colombel: ‘Rhododendron Propagation by an Amateur for Amateurs’ (Presented to Eureka Chapter March 25,2021).

Tim Walsh: ‘The Diversity of Plants Found in the Humboldt Botanical Gardens’ (presented to the Eugene Chapter ARS, 3/17/2021)

Don Wallace: ‘Pruning Rhododendrons – Timing, Technique and Why to Prune’ (recorded 12/03/20)