Welcome to the Eureka Chapter

September Newsletter

The September, 2021 Eureka Chapter Newsletter is now available – read it here and download if you wish . . .

. . . check it out and learn about R. ‘Yummy Yak’, a new, compact rhododendron.

Upcoming Presentations

The next monthly meeting of the Eureka Chapter is Thursday, October 28, 7 pm with our featured speaker, Dennis Bottemiller of the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, the Rutherford Conservatory.

Dennis will give a great presentation on an Appalachian Spring – A travelog along the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park in the Spring of 2016. The presentation will feature gardens of Washington DC and other public and private gardens in the area.

The meeting will be via Zoom and can be accessed via this recurring Zoom connection (clickable link):

The Zoom meetings open at 6:30 to assure everyone is connected to the meeting before our speaker begins – and to socialize if we wish. Please join no later than 6:55 pm.

Video Recordings of Past Presentations

Recordings (YouTube) of some of our presentations are available. Check them out:

Martin Monthofer: ‘An Excursion to the World of Vireya Rhododendrons’ (Presented to Eureka Chapter September 23, 2021).

Marc Colombel: ‘Rhododendron Propagation by an Amateur for Amateurs’ (Presented to Eureka Chapter March 25,2021).

Tim Walsh: ‘The Diversity of Plants Found in the Humboldt Botanical Gardens’ (presented to the Eugene Chapter ARS, 3/17/2021)

Don Wallace: ‘Pruning Rhododendrons – Timing, Technique and Why to Prune’ (recorded 12/03/20)